RAHTRural Allied Health Team (Australia)
RAHTRegistered Animal Health Technician
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Morro's you last day on earth Fo sho Cuz mah man Casey's Gonna remahn me So as Ah won' firget Ain' that raht, Casey Casey?
Alma pushed her advantage: "Come raht on in heah, yew
They wer kickin' us left, raht an' centre, but 'e nivver gave us a single free kick."
Hill, Arthur Allen, Charles Mellody, Katharine Raht, Mary Elizabeth Forbes, Dorothy Nolan, Jean Platt, Barbara Brown, Alda Stanley, Barbara Burton, Lyn Swann, Dorothy Ryan, Shirley Osborn, Emily Boileau, Ann Weston, Leon Rose, John Irving Finn, Van Shem, Charles Walters, William Short, Frank Howell, Max Beck, James Malaidy.
(162.) Al-Sam[[blank].sup.[subset]]ani, Ansab, 2: 310: that this was the subtribe (raht) of Sulayman b.