RAIFFRail Air Intermodality Facilitation Forum (European Commission)
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In a different type of evaluation, Raiff, Jarvis, Turturici, and Dallery (2013) used the Treatment Acceptability Questionnaire (including questions about ease of use, helpfulness, convenience, effectiveness, and fairness) to survey smokers about their experiences following completion of an Internet-based cessation treatment with financial incentives.
Nonetheless, there is increasing evidence suggesting that delay discounting may change under different pharmacological or environmental conditions (Dallery & Raiff, 2007; Koffarnus, Jarmolowicz, Mueller, & Bickel, 2013).
Marshall, Marx, and Raiff characterize collusive price announcements in the vitamins industry as (1) made relatively more frequently than noncollusive price announcements; (2) occurring at somewhat regular intervals; (104) (3) being gradual in the sense of involving relatively modest individual price increases; (4) typically involving "joint announcements," with one firm leading and others matching soon thereafter; and (5) typically having long lead times before the new price becomes effective.
Keeney, and Howard Raiff, "The Hidden Traps in Decision Making," Harvard Business Review on Decision Making, 82.
Survivors include his life partner or 14 years, Tina Austin; a son, Bigge of Eugene; two daughters, Jesse Jo and Zoe Chicarino, both of Eugene; a stepson, Joey Raiff of Eugene; a stepdaughter, Stevey Raiff of Eugene; and two brothers, Flavio and Alex, both of Eugene.
The discounting rate takes the form of a hyperbolic function (Madden, Begotka, Raiff, & Kastern, 2003; Myerson, Green, & Warusawitharana, 2001) and can be determined by using the following formula, proposed by Mazur (1987):
NEW YORK A Power Prods./Stan Raiff, Daryl Roth, Debra Black, James L.
This finding has been obtained regardless of whether the outcomes are real or hypothetical (e.g., Johnson & Bickel, 2002; Madden, Begotka, Raiff, & Kastern, 2003) or whether delayed gains or losses are considered (e.g., Murphy, Vuchinich, & Simpson, 2001; Odum, Madden, & Bickel, 2002).
Saxophonist Raiff Devlin, nine, joined 20 fellow musicians from Cradoc CP School to launch this year's HSBC Brecon Jazz Festival.
The course hit the headlines at the turn of the century by arranging a showdown between English jockey Mornington Cannon, who used the traditional high stirrup style, and American Lester Raiff, who used the then revolutionary crouch.
Monitoring can be defined as the act of witnessing a service-delivery process, including the actions of the informal support network and the formal provider (Raiff & Shore, 1993).