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RAIMReceiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RAIMReceiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (aviation/aerospace)
RAIMRisk Arbitrage Index Manager
RAIMRapid Application Implementation Methodology
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Pole valistatud, et kuivatatud raim oli keskajal isegi tavalisem kui soolaraim ehk silk, tosi kull, mingeid statistilisi andmeid vaite kinnituseks sellest ajast votta ei ole.
Kamijo, "NLOS correction/exclusion for GNSS measurement using RAIM and city building models," Sensors, vol.
New task of the fight against extremism and terrorism and illegal migration in Kyrgyzstan were set, according to Raim Salimov.
Older, non-WAAS boxes need to check RAIM for each flight, and RAIM can fail.
Bei den Esten ist das gewohnlich raim Stromling (Jam raimes on kala, teistel kaladel on nimed Stromling ist Fisch, die anderen Fische haben Namen'), bei den Finnen steht Stromling oder Lachs fur Fisch (kala), bei den Schweden meint man aber mit fisk den Dorsch als eines der wichtigsten Fangobjekte der Fischerei (s.
Qassim al Raim, AQAP's military commander, stated that "Now we acknowledge our mistake and guilt....We offer our apology and condolences to the victims' families.
haala-(ma) 'to haul', hauskar 'bailer', julla 'yawl', kepp 'stick', klibu 'shingle', klomp 'lump', nugi-(ma) 'to parasitize', raim 'Baltic herring', tont 'ghost', viiger 'marbled seal'.
My son, Chris Raim, caught the largest cobia this year at the Harbor Docks Cobia World Championship, in the 28-foot-and-under category.
He also heard amazing sounds broadcast on Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig's radio show on WBAI (Raim and Koenig were the founders of the Balkan Arts Center, later renamed the Ethnic Folk Arts Center, and today known as the Center for Traditional Music and Dance).
Raim, is based on the legendary love story Heer Ranjha .