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RAINBOResearch, Action and Information Network for Bodily Integrity of Women
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Only now are we starting to see deeply reflective methodologies being implemented, with measurable indicators against which to monitor progress over time (Toubia N, Rainbo. Presentation to the Ford Foundation, 2004).
He worked as a bread truck driver for Rainbo Bakery in Sacramento before retiring at the age of 50.
In 1968 she recorded the song John You've Gone Too Far This Time under the name Rainbo. The lyrics took a swipe at John Lennon after he posed naked with wife Yoko Ono on the cover of their Two Virgins album.
Groups who are members of the on-going committee include IPPF, Family Care International, Population Action International, AMANITARE/ RAINBO, Legal Research & Resource Centre for Human, Youth Coalition for ICPD, International Women's Health Coalition, Catholics for a Free Choice, UNFPA and ARROW.
The 1980s saw a relegitimation of traditional notions of home, hearth, and government, with pictures like "Taps," "An Officer and a Gentleman," "Top Gun," and the Rainbo series and their derivatives defining a new sensibility that the public ate up, its conscience soothed with the easy consolations these films offered about a nation in recuperation.
Co-author Nahid Toubia is the president of RAINBO, whose website is examined next.
Nahid Toubia, executive director of the advocacy group Rainbo, remarks that [t]he thinking of an African woman who believes that FGM is the fashionable thing to do to become a real woman is not so different from that of an American woman who has breast implants to appear more feminine." (51) In keeping with Toubias remark, I propose here that a subtler and less culturally binaristic analysis of such phenomena will lead, not to political paralysis in the name of cultural relativism, but to deeper understanding of core issues like the nature of consent, of bodily aesthetics and social control, and of cross-cultural activist collaboration.