RAINMANRemote Automated Information Manager (AOL)
RAINMANReliability and Maintainability Analysis and Information Management (IBM distributed workflow)
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And while Rainman won't be involved in body this year, he'll certainly be there in spirit.
"We didn't come across many locals when we were filming but during a bit of pre-test shooting, a guy out walking his dog stopped and said he thought we were worshipping The Rainman character as part of some sort of cult!" Liam's debut movie mixes reality with fantasy as it tells the story of a group of film students creating a documentary on the infamous legend of The Rainman, a malevolent paranormal entity which terrorises Salsburgh.
The happily smiling 41-year-old Michele George took France by storm, winning both individual titles with her gelding FBW Rainman, now 13, adding to a previous gold at WEG Lexington and a silver at the Olympic Games in London.
For anyone curious to know more, the brilliant Dustin Hoffman starrer, Rainman is a must watch, according to experts on autism, who spoke post Press conference on the disease on Wednesday.
Successful gambling flicks tend to tell more photogenic tales of people cheating the odds -- whether Dustin Hoffman's autistic Raymond Babbitt counting cards in Barry Levinson's "Rainman," or the fantasies of ensemble criminality driving Steven Soderbergh's "Oceans 11" through "13."
The first batch dominated the 2010 Nottingham Produce Stakes with first and third for Brendan Harris in winner Saint Jack and Rainman Reg.
"I knew nothing about autism except the stereotypical things (I'd seen Rainman with Dustin Hoffman) but everybody's different.
8.00 (260m): Rainman (scr), Bridie's Secret (2), Rihanna (2), Fire Cracker (2), Union Jack (4), Deano (5).
Now they have 25, all named (Travis, Peter Pan, Lexius, Lil Zorro Toro, Charley, Lightning Jack, Lucy, Bubbles, Rainman, etc.) and loved as members of the family.
" It was my Rainman moment," he says, referring to the 1988 movie starring Dustin Hoffman.
As portrayed in the movie Rainman, siblings may one day be faced with primary care and/or oversight of the individual with autism.
The portrayal in the visual media of people with disabilities include Tim (based on a novel of Australian author, Colleen McCullough), Shine (1996, Australian Film Finance Corporation) and Rainman (1998, Los Angeles: MGM Studios).