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(18), inhibition of thyroidal radioiodine uptake (RAIU) was measured in nine male volunteers given perchlorate at 10 mg/day in drinking water for 14 days.
Raiu told ZNDet that the hacker works alongside both APT groups as well as low-end cybercriminals, selling zero-days to all and sundry. 
In securing industrial control systems, Raiu said the responsibility should be shared between the government and private companies that own these facilities.
"There are some specific APT groups which they only operate in the South China Sea and they would constantly target institutions and governments which are involved in these territorial disputes," said Raiu.
In AIT2, RAIU would be lower (< 1%) compared to AIT1, where it is either normal or increased (> 10%) [12].
"Cyber weapons can easily be tampered with and used against innocent victims, especially because our infrastructures were developed over 30 years ago and they haven't been updated," said Costin Raiu, director of global research and analysis at Kaspersky Lab.
"All we can say now about the infection in Israel is that the victim is a diplomatic institution/embassy," Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team, told The Times of Israel.
"Computing is becoming cheaper and cheaper and for something like $10 one can buy enough computing power to take down a small website for a few hours," Costin Raiu, director of the Global Research & Analysis Team at antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab, said Tuesday via email.
"It takes a blend of online awareness and top-notch security technology to be protected online," said Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky's Global Research and Analysis team.
Raiu, director of Kaspersky's global research and analysis team, told Gulf News that the risk of future identity and financial theft for 27,000 cardholders in the Middle East resulting from an April 19 intrusion of the Sony-owned PSN may warrant cancelling existing credit cards used within the gaming network.
"There have been examples of this method being used by the Dutch police," said Costin Raiu, director of the global research and analysis team.