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RAMARemote Access Management Agent
RAMARetail Advertising and Marketing Association (Washington, DC)
RAMARéseau Aquitain des Musiques Actuelles (French: Aquitaine Network of Contemporary Music)
RAMARussian American Medical Association (est. 2002)
RAMARete Automobilistica Maremmana Amiatina (Italian bus company)
RAMAResearch and Analysis Milli Afghan (Afghanistan intelligence service)
RAMAResource Auction Multiple Access
RAMARichmond Apartment Management Association (Virginia)
RAMARégime d'Assurance Mutilation Accidentelle (French: Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan)
RAMAReliability, Availability and Maintainability Analysis
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This dual reading favored a better understanding of Latin American culture, because it recovered, at the same time, the literary production and the structures of meaning born of a period (RAMA 2008, p.
Ruffa, on the other hand, shared that until today, Rama still meddles with her love life.
Sinas explained to Rama that the PRO 7 has no authority to clear the individuals who was named by President Duterte as drug protectors.
But dark clouds gather as Rama, confronted by scandal over Sita's time in captivity under the lustful Ravaa, makes the agonizing decision to banish his beloved wife, now pregnant.
He did not know that Col Rama's strongest trait was determination and he would have the last but quiet laugh.
Rama is opening Duck Duck Goose, the brick-and-mortar manifestation of her successful online children's shop, on Saturday at 2816 Devine St.
"Kucova will serve as a national base for the Albanian Air Force and this NATO Strategic Investment in Albania will bring a new standard to our Armed Forces," said Rama.
We wish and hope for a positive conclusion of the negotiations that will pave the way for Macedonia, with an agreed name, to re-start the interrupted process of European integration and full integration into NATO, said Rama. Speaking on the Law on the use of languages in Macedonia, Rama expresses sorrow for the position of President Gorge Ivanov who blocked the process.
The Yuddha [War] kanda [book, canto], the longest kanda in Valmiki's entire text, includes the most (and most elaborate) battles: monkeys attack with fangs and claws; Indrajit launches serpents transformed into arrows; Lord Indra lends Rama his own chariot for part of the battle; Kumbhakarsa consumes monkeys by the thousands; Hanuman fights with unmatched valor; in high-stake duels, Laksmana slays Indrajit and Rama slays Ravana.
Erstwhile Team Rama leader former Mayor Mike Rama, however, could not join Labella and other Team Rama members after Duterte identified Rama as a drug-lord protector.
King Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil) then decides to send Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) to heaven.
Subsequent phases were well represented here: her mixed-media "Bricolage" works of the 1960s, which incorporate image-objects such as the aforementioned glass eyes as well as beads and other found materials; her "Comma" series of the '70s, in which dark rubber hangs like skin, flab, or organs (Rama's industrialist father, who committed suicide, owned a bicycle factory); and then, many fine examples of her return, in the '80s and beyond, to her signature practice of confrontational figuration.