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RAMACRandom Access Method of Accounting and Control
RAMACRandom Access
RAMACRandom Access Method of Accounting and Control (IBM)
RAMACRacine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (Racine, WI)
RAMACRoxbury Area Model Airplane Club (New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
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So you could keep records of inventory, customers, accounts receivable, and so forth--and it was called the random access machine, RAMAC.
When they had already built the development models, I went to see the 305-a RAMAC.
I got assigned to the RAMAC project but I didn't do anything in customer engineering.
1997 The capacity of a single disk from Seagate reaches 47GB, 9,400 times greater than the original RAMAC.
IBM has been selling the RAMAC since 1994 and has been purchasing it on an OEM basis from StorageTek.
StorageTek itself has been branding and selling the RAMAC all along.