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RAMACRandom Access Method of Accounting and Control
RAMACRandom Access
RAMACRandom Access Method of Accounting and Control (IBM)
RAMACRacine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (Racine, WI)
RAMACRoxbury Area Model Airplane Club (New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
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This enabled IBM to reduce the height at which the head flew over the disk surface to .000008 inch--a height one-thousandth of the head-to-disk distance in the RAMAC drive.
According to the Fugro report, both the GSSI SIR II and MALA Ramac radar system produced expected results.
A virtual disk facility similar to that already offered by Ramac won't be available until the first quarter of next year.
I went to San Jose in 1956, just prior to the shipment of the first RAMAC. They had built, I believe, nine test models and installed them in different places around the country--like Zellerbach Hall in San Francisco--as test machines.
The three-point plan, which StorageTek calls its Stepup campaign, includes an option for IBM Ramac users to upgrade to a Storagetek system as an alternative to IBM, along with a doubling in capacity from 8.3Gb to 1.7Tb, and the extension of the warranty from one to three years.
He told me that they had a project called RAMAC, and that they were looking for a guy or two in the customer engineering field to help them with the planning of the maintenance strategy.
* If the recording density of the Ramac were still used today, it would take a disk surface slightly larger than six NBA basketball courts to contain 47GB, which is the capacity of today's largest 5.25-inch diameter disk drive.
According to just-released SPECweb96 benchmark test results, a ten-way G5 Turbo server, with ten 500 MHz Turbo G5 processors (each equipped with 4 MB of L2 cache) and a 9393-T82 RAMAC Virtual Array (Iceberg) disk array was able to process 21,591 web hits per second.
Agency for International Development (USAID), Starbucks, ECOM Coffee group, Hencorp Coffee Group, The National Coffee Association (NCA), Technoserve, BANPRO and RAMAC among others, created a good balance of lecturers that kept the attendants motivated with anecdotes and creative presentations.
1956 In Sept., IBM announces the first commercial disk drive, the RAMAC 350 having 5MB of capacity on a 24-inch diameter platter and priced at $7,800 per MB.
StorageTek was not specific about the reasons for the shortfall, but was once again reminding investors that it is seeing significant interest in two new storage products; it had made a similar announcement three weeks ago, telling Wall Street that it was on track with the delivery of two new storage devices, the 9840 tape drive (an alternative to IBM's Magstar tape drive for mainframe, AS/400 and open systems servers) and the Virtual Storage Manager, a beefed* up version of its RAMAC Virtual Array (also known as Iceberg) mainframe disk array called the Virtual Storage Manager.
MARK: They designed it to replace the RAMAC Virtual Array.