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RVARichmond, VA
RVARaad Voor Accreditatie (Dutch: Board for Accreditation)
RVARichard V. Allen (consulting; Washington, DC)
RVARafael Vinoly Architects (various locations)
RVAReduced Visual Acuity
RVARelative Virtual Address
RVARetina-Vitreous Associates (medical care; California)
RVARift Valley Academy (Kijabe, Kenya)
RVARabies Vaccine Adsorbed
RVARural Virtual Academy (Medford, WI)
RVARapid Visco Analyzer (Foss Food Technology Corp.)
RVARotating Vane Anemometer (ventilation and air quality testing)
RVARede Verde Amarela (Portuguese: Yellow Green Network)
RVARegie des Voies Aériennes
RVARAMAC Virtual Array (IBM storage system)
RVARight Ventricular Apical (electrode position, electrophysiology, cardiology)
RVARange of Variability Approach (hydrology)
RVARecorded Voice Announcement
RVARisk and Vulnerability Assessment
RVARemote Vendor Access (computer security)
RVARear Velocity Adjuster (part of a paintball gun)
RVARoyal Virtual Airlines
RVAReactive Volt-Ampere
RVARegional Virtual Airline
RVAResidential Ventilation Association (UK)
RVARefugee Village Administrator (Pakistan)
RVARemote Vulnerability Assessment
RVAReuse Value Added
RVAReverse Vending Association
RVARegular Veterans Association of the United States
RVARijkdsdienst Voor Arbeidsvoorziening
RVARetailer's Uniform Agency (US Navy)
RVARelative Volt Ampere
RVARichmond Virginia Art (community art project)
RVARemote Voltage Adjustment
RVARécupération Véhicules Accidentés (French automotive repair business)
RVAResearch Venture Award (Indiana University)
RVARegistered Veterinarian Assistant
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But, preferring to identify with tape systems, it chose to sell its Iceberg virtual disk array, which was re-branded as the RAMAC virtual array, solely through IBM.
MARK: They designed it to replace the RAMAC Virtual Array.
A "Step Up" campaign offered expansion of capabilities and assumption of IBM warranties and service agreements to users of IBM RAMAC Virtual Array and StorageTek Shared Virtual Array (9393) disk systems.
After several years of rebadging Storagetek systems as its own Ramac Virtual Array product line, IBM is now re-entering the market with home made systems.
Among the new products, which will cover Unix and NT attached storage, distributed backup and System 390 products, will be enhancements to the IBM Ramac Virtual Array product lines, which IBM currently sources from Storagtek.
In return, IBM scrapped its own products and renamed the Storagetek boxes as its own Ramac Virtual Array Storage systems.
According to just-released SPECweb96 benchmark test results, a ten-way G5 Turbo server, with ten 500 MHz Turbo G5 processors (each equipped with 4 MB of L2 cache) and a 9393-T82 RAMAC Virtual Array (Iceberg) disk array was able to process 21,591 web hits per second.
StorageTek was not specific about the reasons for the shortfall, but was once again reminding investors that it is seeing significant interest in two new storage products; it had made a similar announcement three weeks ago, telling Wall Street that it was on track with the delivery of two new storage devices, the 9840 tape drive (an alternative to IBM's Magstar tape drive for mainframe, AS/400 and open systems servers) and the Virtual Storage Manager, a beefed* up version of its RAMAC Virtual Array (also known as Iceberg) mainframe disk array called the Virtual Storage Manager.
IBM added a new peer- to-peer copy feature to its model 9393-T82 RAMAC Virtual Array (RVA) "Turbo" arrays for mainframes, a StorageTek product formerly known as Iceberg that IBM resells under the RAMAC name brand.
By contrast, the Ramac virtual arrays already feature this capability.
The SnapShot feature of StorageTek's RAMAC Virtual Arrays (formerly known as Icebergs before IBM started selling them under its own label) will not be put into Shark.