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RAMANRuby on Rails, AJAX, MySQL, Apache, *NIX (web development technologies)
RAMANRegional Atmospheric Measurement and Analysis Network
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16D) are readily observed and sulfur is a very strong Raman scatterer.
cloud, and iodine produces a low frequency Raman peak (Figure 16F).
Because of differences in infrared absorption and Raman
where [L.sub.eff] = [1-exp(-[[alpha].sub.p]L)]/[[alpha].sub.p] represent the effective length of the Raman fiber amplifier, where [g.sub.R] represents Raman gain coefficients, [[alpha].sub.p] is the pump cross-sectional area, as is the fiber loss, [P.sub.0] is the input power, and [P.sub.s](0) is the signal power a L = 0.
We describe the Raman fiber simulation model in detail that enables the shifting of gain band in both S+C band and C+L band region.
Figures 4(a) and 4(b) show the values of Raman amplifier for the length of 25 km and 50 km, respectively.
To gain more insights into the relationship between distance of graphene-analyte and Raman signal, Ling and Zhang [29] investigated the Raman enhancement of mono- and multilayer ordered aggregates of protoporphyrin IX (PPP) on graphene.
One proposed Raman enhancement mechanism of hBN is the interface dipole interaction with analyte molecules, which causes symmetry-related perturbation in the CuPc molecule [13].
Jim Raman. As our staff and the family prepare for Dr.
Dr Jim Raman loved the gruelling nature of The Amazing Race
The perceived prohibitive cost of using Raman is one factor that could be limiting its use in many fields, Jans added.
We want to overcome this by building a very small form factor Raman spectrometer, which gives the same performance as the full size, and this is what Imec intends to do.'