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RAMANRuby on Rails, AJAX, MySQL, Apache, *NIX (web development technologies)
RAMANRegional Atmospheric Measurement and Analysis Network
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Required minimum parameters of the Raman Microspectrometer:
In the senior executive team, Raman will be responsible for fully aligning finance, accounting and operations to best support the company's strategic initiatives as well as support a variety of transformative business initiatives as it continues to expand geographically and adds new end markets and services.
Raman has been mining this intersection between ancient and modern since her 2001 Mercury-nominated debut, Salt Rain .
sup][22],[23] The purpose of this study was to discriminate DNA methylation from nonmethylation using Raman spectral data examined by multivariate principal component analysis with linear discriminant analysis (PCA-DA).
A comparison between two different architectures are adopted, namely, single-pass and double-pass RFA in order to investigate the gain level and the SBS effect on Raman gain saturation for both configurations.
Raman was also a part of many stunt biking groups and used to perform stunts on every weekend.
SciX 2016 is the ideal platform for Tornado to showcase its capabilities to busy analytical professionals who seek to carry out research and adopt process Raman spectroscopy systems into practice.
Herriot Fitgerald, the ACCA Academic Advisor Middle East said: "As of now, Raman holds the record for the youngest ACCA affiliate amongst our records and is the first of his kind to achieve it.
Raman spectroscopy is a recognized technique in the USP and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and for RMID purposes.
Applicability of Raman spectroscopy related to analysis of milk and dairy product has an increasing trend lately.
Ocean Optics has introduced a new substrate for Raman spectroscopy applications.
Raman spectroscopy has long been a powerful tool for biological research.