RAMCAPRapid Molded Core Assembly Process
RAMCAPRisk Analysis and Management for Critical Assets Protection (US Department of Homeland Security)
RAMCAPRisk Adjusted Multiple Capital Asset Allocation Program
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All-hazard risk and resilience : Prioritizing Critical Infrastructures Using the RAMCAP Plus Approach.
RAMCAP Plus is a seven-step methodology that enables asset owners to perform self-assessments of their risks relative to specific threats.
Approved by the American National Standards Institute in May, the standard addresses hazards from terrorist attacks to natural disasters with a new RAMCAP methodology.
AWWA and ASME-ITI have developed a training program that will provide utilities and practitioners with an understanding of the all-hazards RAMCAP method and how it applies to the water sector.
Department of Homeland Security initiated development of sector-specific guidance documents based on RAMCAP for various national assets including nuclear power plants, petroleum refineries, and water and wastewater systems.
ASME ITI, under the Department of Homeland Security's sponsorship, initiated discussions with the water sector to consider the development of sector-level guidance based on RAMCAP Plus.
The RAMCAP Standards Committee will develop a standard which will include the general framework necessary to perform asset characterization, threat characterization, consequence analysis, vulnerability analysis, threat assessment, risk and resilience assessment, and risk and resilience management for protection of critical assets and infrastructure from natural and man-made events.
RAMCAP [for "Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection") is a service mark of ASME.
RAMCAP Campus consists of an interactive program that will be made available to post-secondary educational institutions once the beta testing is completed this summer.
RAMCAP, or Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection, is a framework for identifying the risks associated with terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure.
The program, dubbed RAMCAP (from "risk analysis and management for critical assets protection"), is intended to give the federal government a means of evaluating risk across the country.
In September 2003, the Department of Homeland Security awarded ASME a grant to develop a guidance document on risk analysis and management for critical assets protection, or Ramcap. The primary objective of this project is to develop guidance for security decision-making.