RAMDRandom Acceleration Molecular Dynamics
RAMDRejimen Askar Melayu Diraja (Malay: Royal Malay Regiment; Malaysian Army)
RAMDRec.Arts.Marching.Drumcorps (newsgroup)
RAMDReliability, Availability, Maintainability, & Durability
RAMDReceiving Agency Materiel Division
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The Department of National Defence procurement process also allowed Textron Systems to make improvements based on issues identified during the RAMD. "When we started the RAMD testing initially the vehicle weight had increased," Valenti explained.
Uber die chromosomen der bisexuellen und der parthenogenetischen rasse des ostracoden Heterocypris incongruens Ramd. Chromosoma 1:620-637.
The ECC had also constituted a committee comprised upon General Manager RAMD, NHA, DIG Motorway Police and Director Roads of the MoC to implement its decision.
Mohd Saiful Bukhari and Anwar arrived at the Royal Malay Regiment (RAMD) Depot Mosque, Army Basic Training Centre (Pusasda) here, at 12.50pm and 1.05pm respectively.
Contract Awarded For Supply, Installation, And Commissioning Of System Including Software And Hardwarefor Digital Records Management And Preservation Systems At Ramd
Now that the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (pictured) has passed the rigorous Canadian Forces' reliability, availability, maintainability and durability (RAMD) qualification process, Textron Systems is ramping up production of the wheeled vehicle.
ramadan is a month to burn sins and derives from the Arabic root 'ramd' meaning severe heat
The word "Ramadan" originates from an Arabic root "ramd", which means severe heat.
DND spokeswoman Ashley Lemire told Esprit de Corps that Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Durability (RAMD) testing is still being done by the firm, with department and Canadian Armed Forces observers in attendance.
Suddenly, they switched back to an ordinary B-movie.In a cat and mouse game, whenever the people responsible for running such theaters receive a tip that the Recorded Audiovisual Materials Department (RAMD) at the Audiovisual Commission will knock on their doors they simply switch CDs.