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RAMEARedstone Area Minority Employees Association (Huntsville, AL)
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RAMEA, 2008, RAMEA Construction Manual: http://www.arpa.emr.it/cms3/documenti/ramea/RAMEA Constr manual web.pdf
Ramea is the site of a five-year research and development project for a wind-hydrogen-diesel generation system, one of the first of its kind in the world.
"We are very pleased to provide our experience and leading-edge, state of the art wind turbine to this innovative project in Ramea," said Bud Cherry, chief executive officer at Distributed Energy Systems.
While this name also designated the Ramea Islands, in this case the directions lead us to Mortier Bay on the Burin Peninsula, a small port north of Burin.
Judge Sheryl Cornack said she would not sentence Ramea without knowing if Mr Ryan would survive or be mentally impaired: "That man may be brain-dead." Sgt Kahler said the attack was unprovoked.
She told Ramea: "It would be inappropriate to sentence you when the impact on the victim is unknown."
Murray decided to bypass Ramea and went on to "three islands off the mainland, named RED island, DEER or BEAR islands, and FOX island.
When he went to Ramea in 1944 to work for fish exporters John Penny & Sons, Aidan Maloney found Penny's worthless Romanian bonds pasted to the walls of the company's office.
John's was not the only aspect of Newfoundland to attract Cochrane's attention: during the period covered in these selections he also made two tours of the more remote settlements, in September 1826 travelling through Conception and Trinity Bays and around Random Island and then in the summer of 1827 around Placentia Bay, the Burin Peninsula, and down the south coast to Burgeo and Ramea Island.
[On the next day, 11 July, they set out for Harbour Breton, after which:] We proceeded on in a direction for Poile Bay intending to go there for the purpose of getting deer--but the weather appeared so unsettled and no one had been there but Capt[ain] Buchan who had little recollection of it, I determined to make for the Ramea Islands which appeared by the Book of directions to contain a good harbor and which was confirmed by Captain Buchan who stated his having been there when in command of the Grasshopper[.