RAMFRCA (Radio Corporation of America) Adapter Male-to-Female
RAMFRencontre Annuelle des Musulmans de France
RAMFRochester Area Mennonite Fellowship (New York)
RAMFRectus Abdominis Muscle Flap
RAMFRobust Adaptive Matched Filter
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The proposed method achieved a 0.12 dB improvement over the SGM method on average and significantly outperformed the RAMF, the SMF, the WMF, and the MeD filter by 6.35 dB, 14.11 dB, 17.89 dB, and 16.49 dB on average, respectively, in the PSNR results.
Using RAMF, the mtDNA and nDNA damages were evaluated and quantitated by RT-PCR in the MCAO and MCAO + GSRd groups [Figure 3].
Schneider, Ramf. "Toward a Cognitive Theory of Literary Character: the Dynamics of Mental-Model Construction." Style 35 (2001): 607-42.