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RAMIReal Asset Management International (Boston, MA)
RAMIRockford Area Music Industry (Rockford, IL)
RAMIRoyal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (est. 1882; Dublin, Ireland)
RAMIRisk-Adjusted Mortality Index (health care data)
RAMIReliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectability
RAMIRaising Awareness of Mental Illness (now Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues; Australia)
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After the overnight stay in Muzdalifa, half-way between Arafat and Mina, where they stay at least until midnight, the pilgrims gathered pebbles to perform 'Rami', the symbolic stoning of the devil.
When you're holding the RAMI, here's how the magic works: The contour of the stocks work with the rubber grip panels in conjunction with the beavertail to put the gun's weight squarely in hand.
Born in 1981 in Beirut, Rami has been called "a musician of extreme calibre and pure expression...a welcome experimental detour from the norm of today and in the relatively conformist world of classical composition." Rami calls the seven tracks from 'Stories' "a series of soundscapes".
The ministry and the Tourism Activation Authority (TAA) also seek promoting tourism to Luxor and Aswan, Rami added, pointing out that 25% of the expected campaign is oriented to cultural and Nile tourism.
Badr Rami pu se forger une experience unique a travers une carriere artistique acharnee partagee entre les dictes illumines et les traditions, ce qui a contribue enormement a la promotion de son parcours creatif en compagnie de la troupe [beaucoup moins que] Angham Achark[beaucoup plus grand que] (Melodies de l'orient) dirigee par son pere le maestro Mohamed Rami Zeitouni,le celebre violoniste syrien, originaire de la ville d'Alep reconnue par la science, l'authenticite et la passion de ses habitants pour Tarab et l'art original.
Enactment of the RAMI Act would be a great step for the United States to demonstrate its long-term commitment to innovation.
But the models came up with con-flicting results for the 12-month period to September 2013, with SHMI recording 3,000 fewer deaths in Welsh hospitals than expected and RAMI 1,100 more.
In case of marginal mandibular nerve having two or more rami the relation of each ramus present above and below was recorded separately.
It was his decision to stop, and he became a volunteer to raise awareness for the cause," Rami said, in an attempt to shed light on Helmi's inspirational story.
According to the latest figures for June 2013, RAMI has fallen in all Welsh hospitals since June 2011, with the majority now nearing or falling beneath the 100 base line.
The 292-page book took a year to research and write, and includes interviews with over 70 family members, friends, colleagues, suppliers and customers who knew Rami well.
The first signs of Circo's pregnancy were noted when Rami was seen making nests by moving little rocks around.