RAMICSRapid Airborne Mine Clearance System
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"The robotic-assisted lung lobectomy is a milestone in NHCS RAMICS programme.
The Ramics ATD (Advanced Technology Development) phases ran from FY95 to FY00 and employed 20 mm fin-stabilised, discarding-sabot sub-calibre ammunition developed by CTech Defense.
This was cleared by the Norwegian Army as the NM225 and is produced by Raufoss for the Ramics development phase as the Mk 258 Mod 1.
This 30 mm Ramics ammunition fires a 150 gram sub-calibre projectile at 1430 metres/sec.
The RAMICS uses a laser-aimed 30 mm Bushmaster II cannon to neutralize near-surface, floating and shallow-bottom mines.
However, OASIS, RAMICS and AMNS should provide operational commanders with new capabilities, and eliminate the need for explosive ordnance disposal divers to deal with mines cut loose by mechanical cutters.
"A recent live-fire demo of RAMICS successfully destroyed a mine moored 15 feet below the waterline," he said.
RAMICS technology will provide joint force commanders with the capability to rapidly and effectively neutralize near-surface sea mines avoiding situations like Tripoli's experienced during the Gulf War.
To save money, said officials, RAMICS developers employed 20mm, laser-controlled ammunition, which the Navy already had on hand, to conduct its capability test.
Fraser Suites Doha appoints RamicSenada Ramic has been appointed director of sales at Fraser Suites Doha.
to the long-standing problem of finding a way to lubricate a hot-running ce- ramic engine of the future: Inject a stream of the engine's own exhaust gases into its bearing and friction spaces and the hot temperatures there will turn hydrocarbons in the gas into a thin coat of graphite-like carbon lubricant.