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RAMISRapid Access Management Information System
RAMISReserve Automated Medical Interim System
RAMISRemote Access Management Information System (NASA)
RAMISReliability & Maintainability Information System
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Michael Rami has worked as a lawyer since 2002, focusing on media law, business criminal law and insurance contract law.
Ramis brought an accomplished, workmanlike sensibility to the film as both a writer and director of comedy.
ROCKET RAMIS Ivan Ramis opens the scoring for Wigan
''There was always a nuanced meaning to his pictures,'' Alexander said, including an ''almost Buddhist philosophy to 'Groundhog Day' '' -- a movie Ramis co-wrote and directed that tells the story of a man who relives the same day over and over as he examines his life.
Ramis' portrayal of Dr Egon Spengler in "Ghostbuster" brought fame to his career.
Of course, by that point, Ramis had already sowed his oats as a screenwriter on Landis' "Animal House" (1978) and Reitman's "Meatballs" (1979), both of which remain, four decades on, enormous pleasure-giving pictures, and the gold standards to which all subsequent campus and summer camp comedies have aspired.
After a stint on the National Lampoon Show in New York, Ramis headed up to Toronto where he was head writer and a regular performer on Canada's wacky hit television show SCTV.
Wigan boss Uwe Rossler con-firmed two clubs had met the club's asking price for Ramis, saying: "One of them is Cardiff."
Ramis' absence played a part in Wigan's relegation battle and his availability gives the Latics a boost following their unlucky 2-1 home defeat in the Europa League.
En el primero, Ramis presenta las tres etapas de la actividad filosofica de MacIntyre desde 1951 hasta el momento presente, su dialogo con diferentes corrientes de pensamiento (marxismo y psicoanalisis, filosofia analitica, neokantiana, pragmatica, hermeneutica y filosofia postmoderna, aristotelismo y tomismo), su combinacion de metodologias (analitica e historica) y el modo de aproximarse al estudio de los problemas que caracteriza su obra.
Ramis followed up his goal in a League Cup meeting of these clubs with a stunning opener that set Wigan on course for their first home League win of the season.
REAL MALLORCA have begged Celtic to re-ignite their interest in Spanish centre-back Ivan Ramis - and have offered the stopper for a cut-price pounds 1.5million to sweeten the deal.