RAMMRapid Automated Modular Microscope (various organizations)
RAMMRegional And Mesoscale Meteorology
RAMMRétro Auto Moto Montville (French automobile club)
RAMMRoyale Alliance Melen-Micheroux (French sports club)
RAMMRemote Access Multidimensional Microscopy
RAMMRevolutionising Academic Material for the Millennium (formed in 1999)
RAMMRocket, Artillery, Mortar and Missile (weaponry)
RAMMRenaud Asset Management Model
RAMMResponsive Automated Materiel Management
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References in classic literature ?
To fill the measure of his greatness, in the fullness of time the renowned Ramm Rapelye slept with his fathers, and Wolfert Webber succeeded to the leather-bottomed armchair in the inn parlor at Corlear's Hook; where he long reigned, greatly honored and respected, insomuch that he was never known to tell a story without its being believed, nor to utter a joke without its being laughed at.
From his earliest days tagging the sides of New York subways, to his dizzying manifestos, to the drawings, paintings, music, performances, and farout cosmologies he created until his death in 2010 at the age of fortynine, Ramm (as he was called by most) fashioned himself as a conduit of esoteric knowledge.
Mohammad Bilal defeated George Ramm of England on points and won the bronze medals, the third one for Pakistan.
Andrew Kim's article addresses the evolution of Ramm's thought and his legacy.
Born in the same year that Einstein gave birth to his gravitational wave theory was a quiet and unassuming American Baptist theologian named Bernard Ramm (1916-1992).
Lisa Palfrey brings a real energy and enthusiasm to her role as Beatrice, expertly playing the superficially combative and disparaging, but sensitive lover of Benedick who is impressively played by John Ramm.
For example, the text 1917: The Lessons of October, translated by Alexandra Ramm, was published in Die Aktion in February 1925.
Geoff Ramm, Michelle Rayner, Pia Pearson, John Cooke
Ramm said the recognition of Houston as an energy capital feeds expectations that UH will be dominant in energy.
Von Ramm said this additional capital infusion reflected Continental Temic's strategy to build and strengthen the network and manufacturing operations in Asia, where the company intends to make between 20 to 25 percent of its total sales by 2015.
I go into Mrs Ramm's office straight after break time for a bit of peace and quiet.
Popular international speaker Geoff Ramm will be speaking at the ShowBiz 2014 event to be held on Thursday in the Tyne Met College campus on the Coast Road.