RAMMAHeterologous Antihuman Malignant Melanoma Antiserum
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tu maya raghundtha kl, khelana carhi ahedaim catura cikare cuni cuni mare, kol na chodya nedaim muniyara ptra digambara mare, jatana karamta jogl jamgala mahi kejamgama mare, turn re phirai balivamtlm veda parhamta bdmhana mard, seva karamta svami aratha karamta misara pacharyd, turn re phire maimamtlm sdkhita [sdkata] kai turn harata karata, had bhagatana kai cerl dasa kablra ramma kai saranai, jyom lagi tyom pherl (tori) (KG pada 161 (187) = B12) You Sorceress of Raghunath, you have gone off to play the game of hunt: Wily, you choose the deer and kill; you don't miss any nearby.
L Ramma, (1) AUD, MPH; N Schellack, (2) BCur, BPharm, PhD; B Heinze, (3) M(ECI), PhD
Spreading on 282 acres, Ramma Dam had been built inside the airport to cater the water needs, while work on Kasana Dam, spreading over 667 acres, was in progress for future requirements.
H Whitehorn, (1) BSc, BSc (Med) Hons, MSc (Med); M Sibanda, (2) BSc, MSc (Audiology); M Lacerda, (3) BBusSc Hons, MSc, PhD; T Spracklen, (1) BSc, BSc (Med) Hons; L Ramma, (2) AuD, MPH, CCC-A; S Dalvie, (4) MB ChB, FC (Rad Oncol); R Ramesar, (1) MSc (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics), PhD (Microbial Genetics), PhD (Molecular Genetics), MBA
It approved two position papers which includes construction of small dams in district Manshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of worth Rs 3.7 billion and construction of Ramma and Kasna dams in Tehsil Fateh Jang district Attock of worth Rs 3.8 billion.
Official sources at Aviation Division Monday said construction of Rain Water Harvesting Ramma Dam had been completed last year.
Secretary CAA Irfan Elahi informed the committee that the construction work of Ramma and Kasana Dams would be completed in stipulated time.
The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) had approved development of sustainable rain water resources and construction of Ramma Dam in March this year to meet water requirements of the new airport with an estimated cost of Rs.1,657 million, out of which Rs.684.74 million have already been spent.
Moreover, two rain water harvesting Dams including Ramma Dam and kasana Dam were planned to be constructed, the Minister said.
It was informed that Ramma Dam and Kasana Dam would supply water to the new airport and these would be completed soon.
He said that in first phase 282 acres land was acquired on 11 March 2016 for the construction Ramma Dam and in the second phase Kassana Dam would be ensure.
The official also briefed the body on the construction of Ramma and Kissana dams, saying that the construction of dams would be completed within eight months after acquisition of land.