RAMMSRadiating Millimeter Source
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We believe RAMMS will bring significant value to hydrographic organisations, coastal zone/floodplain managers and engineers, Saade said, noting a successful hydrographic charting demonstration project recently performed in Belize, covering 165 square kilometres.
RAMMS is the second major technology innovation offered by Fugro in partnership with Arete Associates.
General Ramms questions the credibility of the source in general and puts forward the idea that the Bundeswehr had been played by local forces.
More than 300 organizations around the world use RAMMS to help evaluate avalanche risk at their particular location.
Caption: Simulating slides The RAMMS avalanche software simulates (right) how a powder avalanche In Switzerland (left) flows.
Ramms lamented the deaths of civilians due to military operations by coalition forces, but said people should not forget the Afghan citizens who died at the hands of insurgents whose actions are "unlawful".
When their beloved British bulldog Olivia died after giving birth two months ago, John and Shirley Ramm vowed to do everything they could to help her huge litter of orphaned puppies to survive.
Three years later the Ramms contacted the clinic again.
It's obvious that it's not the Ramms driving the children hard, but the children pushing themselves.
The Ramms are reluctant to be drawn on the subject of eugenics.
Leandra Ramm, 15, crashes through the door of her family's New York home, chattering excitedly about the exceptional concert performance she gave at school that morning.
The fact that one family can have three such brilliant offspring is, in the Ramm's case, not a coincidence.