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RAMONARandom Access Monitoring of Narcotic Addicts
RAMONAReal Amplitude-Only Nulling Algorithm
RAMONARadiosonde Museum of North America (Water Valley, MS)
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NCHS is proud to be serve as a staple in the Ramona community, and looks forward to continuing to care for patients for many more years to come.
Ramona went on to explain that true friendships consist of forgiveness and you have to be willing to move on from past mistakes.
Lynn was an old pal of my girlfriend Ramona, but I'd never had to interact with her until she invited us to dinner.
Then I got the role, but I was only expected to last a few episodes until Ramona was sacked, but she proved so popular with viewers she stayed on," she says.
For more information on products please contact Ramona on 0208 830 8585.
The statement read: "Our thoughts are with Ramona's family and her many friends.
And back in 1955, when she made her title-character debut in Beezus and Ramona, the little girl with big brown eyes and a talent for trouble was just getting started.
Ramona and her siblings are in possession of a part of history that reveals much about her family's ties with Zanzibar.
The appearance of new youth magazines in the early 1970s, such as Ramona and Onda, contributed to changing the landscape.
Estrella de la epoca de oro del cine mexicano, Columba Dominguez actuo por ultima vez en Ramona, cortometraje con el cual debuta como directora la tambien actriz Giovanna Zacarias.
It was early 1999, and I knew nothing about the biology of trauma, the "fight, flight, or freeze" response, or tonic immobility, but I remember talking in a consistently low and even voice, making slow and measured movements only when absolutely necessary and wondering afterwards who I had actually been trying to reassure, Ramona or myself.