RAMPPReliability, Availability and Maintainability Program Plan (various locations)
RAMPPResource and Market Planning Program (Idaho)
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A number of analyses have found that students who had a positive view of their online experience would also be willing to enrol in additional online courses in the future (Dobbs et al., 2009; Grimes, 2002; Lesh, Guffey, & Rampp, 2000; Stewart, Waight, Norwood, & Ezell, 2004).
Positive experiences with this form of learning have been shown to influence students' enrollment in additional online courses afterward (Dobbs et al., 2009; Grimes, 2002; Lesh, Guffey, & Rampp, 2000; Stewart et al., 2004).
These groups therefore are marked by conflicting interests (Leslie, 2003) and values conflicts (Dill, 1991), and represent at best an uncomfortable alliance (Guffey & Rampp, 1998).
Our review of the literature suggested that a viable alternative for this study would be to focus more specifically on the human dynamic (Guffey & Rampp, 1998; Kezar & Eckel, 2004) as manifested in the relationship between faculty and administrators.
According to Guffey and Rampp (1998), participants in shared governance are focused on their own respective agendas, a situation that complicates decision-making.
Rampp, "Asynchronous Versus Synchronous Learning: A Comparative Investigation of the Effectiveness of Learner Achievement and Faculty Time Demands" (paper presented at the Sixth International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, Adelphi, MD, November 2000); G.
is not conductive to courses which contain an interactive student/student or student/professor component" (Lacey, Guffey, & Rampp, 1998, p.
For instance, the 1998 Arkansas State University study also reported that students "are willing to tolerate the lack of an optimal learning environment in order to obtain the convenience and availability provided through this technology" (Lacey, Guffey, & Rampp, 1998, p.
For some students, Guffey, Rampp, and Masters (1998) found that providing opportunities to connect course content to students' own experiences may be helpful.
First Place--Alex Patterson and Bobby Rampp. Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen Processes Laminin Downstream of Matrix Metalloproteases in Endothelial Cell Activation and Angiogenesis.