RAMQRégie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec
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RAMQ remuneration plan has improved documentation of phone consultations by urologists.
De plus, l'analyse secondaire des donnees de la RAMQ permet d'inclure un nombre eleve de patients a faible cout, ce qui augmente la puissance statistique de l'etude.
This secondary study was approved by the IUGS, the Commission d'Acces a l'Information du Quebec and the RAMQ.
We assessed five groups of asthma indicators from the RAMQ database based on the data from November 2004 to October 2005.
Remuneration of doctors in these SMCs may contain new elements that are distinct from the fee-for-service, salary or mixed payments that doctors have hitherto received from the RAMQ.
Other inclusion criteria were having a live singleton birth, being covered by the RAMQ drug insurance plan at least 12 months before and during pregnancy, and being prescribed an NSAID or other medications during pregnancy.
En juillet 1998, il s'inscrit a nouveau a la RAMQ et reprend le statut de medecin participant en pratiquant dans une clinique sans rendezvous.
The funding request was submitted in September 2007, funding was granted by RAMQ in November, and the equipment was issued in January 2008 while Auristar completed its changes to the software.
Once the physician billing claims had been sampled, a list of sampled patients' names and RAMQ personal identifiers was generated and sent to each consenting physician's office.
Cette population correspond a la quasi-totalite des directeurs de ressources humaines des ministeres dont le siege est a Quebec, plus la CSST et la RAMQ.
La RAMQ a ete creee en 1969 induisant des changements considerables dans la societe.