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RAMRODRide Around Mount Rainier in One Day (bike ride in Washington State)
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The steel ramrods clanked and clanged with incessant din as the men pounded them furiously into the hot rifle barrels.
The soldiers had almost finished reloading; the metal ramrods flashed all at once in the sunshine as they were drawn from the barrels, turned in the air, and thrust into their sockets.
The heavy ringing of the musket-stocks upon the ground, and the sharp and rapid rattling of the ramrods in their barrels, were a kind of relief to Batnahy, deadly though he knew the purport of such sounds to be.
Ramrod Trials was based on an overarching tactical scenario influenced by injects from LVC environments.
Probably the best way to prevent undercharging, overcharging and short starting is to take a piece of red tape and wrap the ramrod at the muzzle after fully seating a bullet on what you absolutely know is the correct powder charge.
Each evening after shooting, the muzzleloader hunter meticulously and repeatedly ramrods chemical-coated patches down the barrel, scrubbing and removing the corrosive powder.
Ramrod (USA), Rodrick Jabin, 22-8-17-3-10-21-10-19scp-1-11,122
As the standard bearers marched away, my attention was drawn to Ian Harris, whose back was like a ramrod with shoulders pulled back like a guardsman.
Rather, the producers chose to take a simple idea and ramrod it into the ground.
But in Frears' film the current occupant of Buckingham Palace lives in a decidedly post-Elizabethan era, and her subjects see the queen's ramrod spine and stoic manners as signs of cold and aloof indifference, not courage or conviction.
It is in working condition, although the ramrod is missing.
Our drummer, Ramrod, he's been in the band since 2000.