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RAMSRisk Assessment and Method Statement
RAMSReliability and Maintainability Symposium
RAMSRegional Atmospheric Modeling System
RAMSReliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
RAMSRichmond Area Multi Services
RAMSRussian Academy of Medical Science
RAMSRisk Analysis Management System
RAMSRemote Activation Munitions System
RAMSRegional Air Monitoring System
RAMSResusci Anne Modular System (cardiopulmonary resuscitation training)
RAMSRéseau d'Appui Aux Mutuelles de Santé (du Burkina Faso)
RAMSRadiation Alarm Monitoring System
RAMSRescue Air Mobility Squad (US Air Force)
RAMSRecursive Adaptive Model Set
RAMSRemote Area Monitoring System
RAMSRochester Area Multiple Sclerosis
RAMSReprographics Automated Management System
RAMSReadiness Automated Management System
RAMSReliability, Availability, Maintainability, Supportability
RAMSReference Acceleration Measurement System
RAMSRight Ascension of the Mean Sun
RAMSRemoveable Airborne Military Information Support Operations System
RAMSRapid Assembly Munitions System
RAMSRepairable Assets Management System
RAMSRDAISA (US Army Research, Development, and Acquisition Information Systems Agency) Acquisition Management System
RAMSReserve Aerographer's Mate School
RAMSReliability Asset Monitoring System
RAMSRange Airspace Management System
RAMSResource Allocation & Multiproject Scheduling
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"'My good ram, what is it that makes you the last to leave my cave this morning?
"As he spoke he drove the ram outside, but when we were a little way out from the cave and yards, I first got from under the ram's belly, and then freed my comrades; as for the sheep, which were very fat, by constantly heading them in the right direction we managed to drive them down to the ship.
As for the ram, my companions agreed that I should have it as an extra share; so I sacrificed it on the sea shore, and burned its thigh bones to Jove, who is the lord of all.
"So then we went to Dupe, and while Bulaki Ram waited among the Angari men, 'I ran to see our Sahib in bed.
According to him, I have no option order than to add those extortions to the price of the rams making them more expensive.
The Rams, on the other hand, were early Super Bowl favorites during the regular season after an infusion of talent in the offseason.
Reading-based Rams went ahead with an early try from full back Jamar Richardson who chased a clever kick ahead to score.
Mentioned earlier in this article, The CAS latency is another specification for RAMs that, in combination with the RAM clock speed, determines how fast the RAM actually is.
I was fortunate to have killed some large rams during my quest for the Super Slam, hut those rams did not quite add up to 650 inches.
Sale director Jane Smith said: "It was great to see a record turnover - it's the first time the sale has grossed more than PS250,000 - and we were delighted with the trade generally." SECTION PRICES Charollais MV: Sh rams (94) to 980gns, av PS605.82 (+PS76.03); Ram lambs (39) to 600gns, av PS428.88 (+PS43.23).
The perennial major developer of business software solutions for health plans, RAM Technologies, Inc., has signed a deal with FlexTech, Inc.
It's a 2pm kick-off for the eager Rams in what is sure to be a highly-competitive fixture - both teams field arguably the strongest sides in England at the moment.