RAMSARobert A M Stern Architects
RAMSAResearch for Advanced Music Sound and Acoustics
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RAMSA is designing the 41-story Eleven condo tower Ryan plans to start building next year at 1101 W.
The contemporary kitchens, with marble countertops, polished chrome fixtures, and Gaggenau appliances, are the result of a collaboration between RAMSA and Smallbone of Devizes, a custom cabinet maker based in England.
Senior Superintendent Ronnie Cariaga, city police director, said members of the police's City Mobile Force Company went to Ramsa's residence to serve the arrest warrant around 6 a.m.
Its portfolio includes RamSa solid state solutions and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) cards.
Jamie Oliver formally opened the show at 9am and about 100,000 people will wander among countless stalls, tasting everything including cakes, biscuits, spices, pies, cheeses, meats, breads, d i th l t t The biggest draws a the celebrity chefs, wh included Gordon Ramsa the Hairy Bikers, Jami Oliver and James Martin performing in the thea tres, signing books, sell ing their wares and meet ing fans.
And before Addison's disallowed goal Attwell had awarded the Ramsa contentious penalty after Adam Chambers was judged to have handled inside the box.
Or, for grander schemes, the Delta Center offers a Cricket Super Screen in the arena, RAMSA Speaker Portable Sound Systems and even Ethernet and 56K analog lines.
158ff.: For nouns, one can see that the vocabulary is much more conservative and "Aramaic" compared to the adjacent Jewish dialects, e.g., ramsa "evening (prayer)" (Z [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] < Arabic); danwa "tail" (Z dumika < Kurdish); malka "king" (Z hakoma; sultana, archaic); guppa "wing" (Z canga, Kurdish); ktawa "book" (Z hammas, Hebrew); [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], baba "father" (Z only baba).
Entre los asociados que participaron en el evento de inauguracion de las oficinas de la Adicam se encontraron los representantes de las empresas: CR Tecnologia, VMS, Consultoria Computacional, RAMSA, Stone Systems, ISM del Sureste, Informatica Avanzada, PC Productos y Servicios, Servicios Digitales, CompuMil, MicroServ y Eriksa, entree otros distribuidoras asociados.
We were able to take eight channels of digital audio directly from the K2500 into the Ramsa.
The Panasonic Ramsa WX-RP410/RP700 Wireless ENG/EFP Microphone System is the right tool to have if your presentation requires mobility.