RAMSIRegional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands
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Such efforts warrant using edge-cutting techniques to achieve those objectives by using the latest means and systems to achieve shared objectives and enhance our corporate performance to excellence standards, concluded Al Ramsi.
The tension builds, enhanced by the metronomic soundtrack by Hassan Khan that plays throughout and the tightly wound performances of Ramsi Lehner and the always-fantastic Nanda Mohammed, and we wait for an explosion that never arrives.
Cases of estafa through the use of bouncing checks were filed with the fiscal's office in Tagbilaran on November 10 against Torralba, Merryjane Torralba, Lia Domingo, Ferrer Ramsi Torres, John Michael, and two others identified only as Jane Doe and John Doe.
However, the Solomon Islands did receive a major cash injection as a result of RAMSI (the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands) which resulted in the stationing of a sizeable security contingent there led by Australia (Anon, 2014).
The violence eventually brought about the removal of the government in 2000 and culminated in the intervention of the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission (RAMSI) in 2003.
6) What You Would Do With Your Friends: Influencer: Khalid Al Ramsi; Instagrammer: Christina Santoso
RAMSI personnel and fire service officers were at the scene yesterday to inspect the aircraft.
Shura Council member Ramsi reviewed the human rights laws that were discussed and approved by the legislature, such as the rights of the child, persons with disabilities, Family code and others, and explained the Commission on Human Rights at the Shura Council follows with interest the performance of the government's performance in implementing the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry so as to ensure their implementation as scheduled, as well as the recommendations of the report of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on the human rights situation in Bahrain and to issue relevant legislation.
(2007) The Trouble with RAMSI: Re-examining the Roots of Conflict in the Solomon Islands.
A part of the chant is translated as follows: The sisters Doni and Ramsi, while fishing in the stream failed to catch any fish and prawn, but a piece, an interknot, of wake bamboo got into the bamboo net of each.
The move was announced after a radar on Shamal Al Ramsi Road was sprayed with paint.