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RANRoyal Australian Navy
RANRadio Access Network
RANRainforest Action Network
RANRandom Number
RANReturn Authorization Number
RANRandolph AFB (USAF base in Universal City, TX, USA)
RANRevenue Anticipation Notes
RANRegional Area Network
RANRegional Air Navigation
RANRecorded Announcer (Vodavi)
RANRegistration Access Number
RANRetail Association of Nevada (Carson City, NV)
RANRadio Area Network
RANRemote Access Node
RANRemise à Niveau (French)
RANRequest for Authority To Negotiate
RANResource Access Negotiations (Canada)
RANRégie des Chemins de Fer Abidjan-Niger (French: Abidjan-Niger Railway Board)
RANRapid Automatised Naming
RANRemote Asynchronous Node
RANRadiodiffusion Audionumérique (French)
RANResource Allocation Network
RANRelease Authorization Number (Electronic Data Interchange)
RANResident Admit Note (medical/hospitals)
RANRandom Access Number
RANResource Allocation Notice
RANReadiness Assessment Network
RANRelease Authorization Notice
RANRequisition Account Number
RANReporting Account/ing Number
RANReanswerable Signal (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
RANReconnaissance Attach Navigator
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Handy Andy 15 ran Record of first seven home: 3 wins from 5 runs - Rolling Aces, Handy Andy, Listen Boy = +5 Record of last eight home: 2 wins from 6 runs - Benheir, Godsmejudge = +2 Total record: 5 wins from 11 runs (45%) for a profit of +PS2 to PS1 levels.
These pressure will be designed to attack the ran and pass equally, with special emphasis on play action and draw-action passes.
The tailback can be used to run the flat route, which, as in the ran play, makes the fullback responsible for blocking the defensive perimeter.
Our players know the exact pace of each interval they ran.