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RANCHRoad Traffic and Aircraft Noise Exposure and Children's Cognition and Health (study)
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On account of foot-and-mouth disease and of hog-cholera, strange dogs were taboo on the Kennan ranch. It did not take Michael long to learn this, and stray dogs got short shrift from him.
And in the meantime, running endlessly with Jerry over the ranch, he learned all the ways of it and all the life of it from the chickenyards and the duck-ponds to the highest pitch of Sonoma Mountain.
There was plenty of pasturage all over the ranch, and there were several cleared patches, amounting to about fifteen acres in all, where he grew as much mountain hay as could be found.
Hillard was well off, and had big ranches and vineyards down on the flat of the valley.
And Saxon, back in her own kitchen and preparing supper for Billy, wondered what lusts and rapacities had led the old, burnt-faced woman from the big Peruvian ranch, through all the world, to West Oakland and Barry Higgins Old Barry was not the sort who would fling away his share of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, much less ever attain to such opulence.
Commercial pastoral ranches and NAMPAAD commercial arable farms in the Kweneng District will soon be available for eligible citizens following their demarcation and surveying.
The OCA Ranch Rodeo has been a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital Foundation for 21 years, raising more than $500,000.
The ranch officials are Napatau ole Kana and Rukuti ole Konata of Sayan Group Ranch, Sanja ole Sankei, Mr Sampele ole Maleto, Mr Fredrick Cheres and Benson Kori of Reiyo Group Ranch Nkaroni group ranch's Mr Johnson Kipketer, Mr Joseph Kimeto Mapetu and Wilfred Kipkorir Langat Enoosokon group ranch's Mr Oloosuya Tiyo, Mr Juma Kimanyim and Lemein Kiputa and former Enekishomi ranch leaders Mr David Sulunye, Mr Stanley Naiyeya Sirma and William Sirma.Their summoning comes as the government targets people who sold land illegally excised from the Mau Forest Complex to unsuspecting people.
Washington DC [United States], Mar 29 ( ANI ): Romanian-American gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi and his wife Martha, who own the Karolyi Ranch, have claimed to be unaware of the abuses carried out by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar at their ranch.
18 January 2018 - Texas, US-based Shell has agreed to acquire a 43.83% interest in Tennessee, US-based solar energy plants owner Silicon Ranch Corp.
Compared to other snack sticks the Circle B Ranch Bacon Snack Stick has a list of all-natural ingredients.