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RANDResearch And Development
RANDReasonable and Non-Discriminatory (licensing terms)
RANDRural Area Network Design
RANDRadio Array Neutrino Detector
RANDRandom Challenge Memory
RANDRapid Access to NCI (National Cancer Institute) Discovery Resources (US NIH)
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The conflict in Syria meant it was too dangerous for Rand to go to school for around two years.
On 26 July 2019 Rand successfully obtained these Court Orders.
The HVAC and transport refrigeration assets of the current Ingersoll Rand will become a pure play leader in climate control solutions for buildings, homes and transportation.
The Companion has six main sections: 1) "Context," including an introduction and a brief but fascinating biography; 2) "Ethics and Human Nature," containing chapters on Rand's view of self-efficacy, value-seeking, egoism, altruism, and free will; 3) "Society," with chapters on her view of social relations (and the principle that no conflict arises among rational people), justice, politics, law, and economics; 4) "The Foundations of Objectivism," comprised of chapters on Rand's meta-physics and epistemology; 5) "Philosophers and Their Effects," with chapters on her interpretation of the meaning and influence of other philosophers and schools; and 6) "Art," with chapters examining Rand's embrace (and elaboration) of what she called "romantic realism" in aesthetics.
"At Rand Marketing, we know that synchronizing data between eCommerce, and other channels for inventory, accounting, and order fulfillment can be mission critical for businesses.
First, although this may seem obvious, it is critical that you recognize when your case may potentially involve a RAND issue and frame the issue properly with the court at the first opportunity.
After a week-long bench trial with testimony from 18 witnesses, including technical and economic experts, Judge Robart issued a detailed, 207-page order on April 25, 2013, setting the RAND royalty rate for Motorola's IEEE 802.11 standard-essential patents at 3.471 cents per unit, and 0.555 cents per unit for the patents covering the ITU H.264 video compression standard.
What strikes the prospective textbook consumer--or ought to--is the notable vacuity of academic discussions of Ayn Rand in the textbooks advertised there.
Bruhns is a leading residential real estate agent with Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, and was hand-picked to serve on the hybrid agent team.
Rand, 50, also claims his court-appointed attorney failed to present readily available evidence that could've significantly reduced the sentencing guidelines.
According to the report, a Rand 20 note, described as spotless, is being auctioned for Rand 103.
Rand Worldwide (OTCBB: RWWI) said it is rebranding its Training Systems Division to Rand 3D to offer a complete design engineering solution.