RANFRoyal Australian Nursing Federation (trade union; Australia)
RANFRat Atrial Natriuretic Factor
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Notwithstanding the findings and recommendations of commissioned reports on nursing (e.g., the much touted Marles (1988) report The study of professional issues in nursing, and the Monash University, Centre for Human Bioethics (1988) report The ethical, legal and social dilemmas in nursing), it was primarily due to the efforts of Australia's peak nursing organisations and schools of nursing which, during the 1990s, saw an unprecedented number of workshops, seminars and conferences being organised specifically on the subject of ethical issues in Australian nursing (e.g., RANF 1987; ANF 1989; School of Nursing, Phillip Institute of Technology 1988, 1989, 1991).
The applicant unions, the Royal Australian Nursing Federation (RANF) and the Hospital Employees Federation of Australia (HEF), supported by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), sought a series of rulings from the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission (ACAC), including one that the Commission apply the 1972 principle via the concept of comparable worth which was then part of the equal pay debate in the United States (4).
All the algorithms compared are implemented in FORTRAN using the MNFFTN compiler on Purdue University's CDC 6500 computer with the intrinsic uniform (0, 1) generator RANF. The comparison is made for n [is greater than or equal to] 20 since algorithms BINV and BU clearly dominate the uniformly fast algorithms for small n.
Individuals worked within, and collaborated across professional groups such as the Royal Australian Nursing Federation (RANF), the New South Wales College of Nursing (NSWCN), the Florence Nightingale Committee (FNC), and the College of Nursing Australia (CoNA) to make the transfer of nursing education into the higher education sector happen.
Jeffrey Ranf recently acquired Wallace Insurance Group, which was founded nearly 40 years ago.