RANSEReynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations
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While the broader literature provides evidence of factors influencing students' and preceptors experiences of clinical placement (Paliadelis and Wood 2016; Courtney-Pratt et al 2015; Kevin et al 2010; Warne et al 2010; McKenna et al 2009; Ranse and Grealish 2007), a review of the literature failed to identify any studies that consider the efficacy of block placement versus distributed placement models.
Ranse is unable to take a clear stand for or against any group, here renamed the 'Fragas' (meaning 'the craggy rocks', in the sense of the unbreakable and strong) and the 'Livres' (those who are Free), although he needs to try not to antagonise the group at present in control, the Fragas.
The unreadability of local factions by Ranse thus becomes an admission that the issues are local and not to be arbitrated upon by a recently-arrived foreigner, in which Ranse's position as an observer who relies upon everyone else to explain things to him echoes that of the reporter Maniaty was at the time.
Ranse's inquiry into the death of his uncle Sam Goddard potentially activates the symbolisation of social violence in terms of the fate of an individual, but this would seem to be discounted as a possibility by the fact that Ranse's uncle does not represent any local ethnic or political group.
The frontier, however, is quite different as Ranse would soon find out.
When Ranse arrives in the frontier town of Shinbone he is determined to use the law to bring Valence and his gang to justice for robbing the stagecoach and humiliating the passengers.
After Ranse is elected along with Peabody as one of the local delegates to the territorial convention for statehood, Valance orders him to leave town or face him in a shoot-out.
A renewed Ranse helps win statehood and moves on to greatness as a politician.
A more recent study conducted by Ranse and Grealish (2007) explored nursing students' experience of learning in the clinical setting of a dedicated education unit using a communities of practice framework.
(39) "Viewed in this way, the Derridian notion of justice can be used to form and restrain laws, as opposed to the traditional view that laws are formed to achieve justice." (40) This is an elegant argument and Ritchie illustrates it through the hero in Liberty Valence, Ranse Stoddard, who learns the "only possible route to justice is through individual engagement with the other." (41)
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