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Fossilized roots called Sonneratiorhizos raoi Chitaley (1968) have also been reported from the Paleocene of India; their relationship to Sonneratia was doubted by Kramer (1974) and the relationship is rejected here based on the presence of non-sonneratian type xylem with diffuse parenchyma.
Trapa credneri Schenk) Shirleya (Extinct) Shirleya grahamae Pigg & DeVore fruit middle Miocene Sonneratia, including Sonneratioxylon: see also Florshuetzia Sonneratioxylon turonicum wood Late Cretaceous Shelomentseva Sonneratia meghalayensis Ambwani leaf Late Paleocene Sonneratiorhizos raoi Chitaley root Paleocene Sonneratiaceae (as Florshuetia pollen late Paleocene sp.
Worthington was dealt a blow soon after when Lafferty was booked for an innocuous challenge on Raoi Piroja.