RAOURoyal Australasian Ornithologists Union
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Interest in the Reef's bird life was so prevalent among Australia's ornithologists that two expeditions in 1910 were organised by the RAOU. The first was a trip of twenty-four members to the islands of the Capricorn Group, which straddle the Tropic of Capricorn.
In 1925 E.F Pollock, an active member of the RAOU and the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, launched his first expedition to the Capricorn Group.
It has been used, for example, by the Royal Australasian Ornothologists Union (RAOU), whose Australian Bird Count database has been extrapolated across the regions to determine the richness in species of each area.
She has taken part in many other surveys including Orange-bellied Parrot Counts (since 1982), Hooded Plover Counts (since 1984), RAOU Wetland Surveys (1987-1992) and Wader Counts (since 1985), as well as wildlife Atlas projects for the RAOU (now Birdlife Australia) and the Department of Sustainability and Environment.