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RAPEXRapid Alert System for Non-Food Consumer Products (EU)
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Despite rapid growth in exports from China, the China's proportion of RAPEX notifications of Chinese toys has in fact dropped
Merseyside MEP Chris Davies believes the RAPEX system is an example of the EU working at its best.
Detailed information on conformity with the regulations is available at RAPEX, the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products (except food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices)--at http://ec.
Commission spokeswoman Helen Kearns said "Apple has been very co-operative", stressing that RAPEX alerts were issued every week - sometimes leading to mass product recalls, but at other times with no consequence.
The system involves a national authority notifying the European Commission, which puts the offending product on the RAPEX database, monitored regularly by trading standards authorities, which can then act to ban the goods on their own territory.
RAPEX requires member countries to inform the Commission of serious risks so that it can alert other member countries.
A complete list of the unsafe products published in the RAPEX Report 25 (2014) can be found on the EUROPA official site or at
Bulgaria and Hungary filed around one quarter of all signals for unsafe goods in the EU in 2012, according to statistics of RAPEX, the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products.
Bulgaria notified RAPEX, a European rapid alert system for dangerous products, a total of 162 times in 2011, thus accounting for 10% of all EU notifications.
com)-- The European Commission annually publishes the statistics of RAPEX notifications.
which was sold as oval white bonbons and "can be confused with a foodstuff by children and swallowed", warned EU consumer alert service RAPEX.