RAPFRapid Action Police Force
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Rapf's stonewalling about his political allegiances, begun during the HUAC period, remained in effect right up to his interview for Tender Comrades half a century later.
Neither Dashiell Hammett nor Maurice Rapf took up arms against the United States--in fact Hammett served in the U.S.
The Lumet interviews are listed chronologically, beginning with Peter Bogdanovich (1960) and concluding with Joanna Rapf (2003).
Rapf's book will add to the tributes surrounding one of America's most distinguished filmmakers.
New York City native and a son of MGM co-founder Harry Rapf was raised in Hollywood and later wrote a book about his childhood, "Back Lot: Growing Up With the Movies." At age 3, he began what he later wrote was "a brief career as a movie actor, playing war orphans, street urchins and assorted brats.
(Among his early credits was "Winter Carnival" at Dartmouth, written in collaboration with Schulberg; Rapf replaced F.
Rapf discusses 'aurality and re-vision' in Wordsworth and Tennyson, and how seeing in the Romantic poets gives way to an emphasis on hearing in the Victorians.
Joanna Rapf's fascinating piece entitled "Comic Theory from a Feminist Perspective--A Look at Jerry Lewis" begins with a look at femininity, as well as masculinity, in the comedic world: "If women are indeed primal earth mothers, sources of life and order, comfort and reassurance, apple pie, chicken soup, and everything that builds a foundation to give others the strength to grow, the comedy ...
"The comments being made on the RAPF Facebook have no foundation in fact and are likely to incite racial hatred and can prejudice a jury, especially since they will be chosen from among the community of Anguilla."
(11) Quoted in Joanna E Rapf, 'Myth, Ideology, and Feminism in High Noon', The Journal of Popular Culture, vol.