RAPIRegistry Api
RAPIRemote Api
RAPIRadio Antar Penduduk Indonesia (Indonesian: Inter-Population Radio of Indonesia)
RAPIRoyal Australian Planning Institute
RAPIRSVP Application Programming Interface
RAPIRemote Application Program Interface (Fujitsu)
RAPIReligious Attitudes and Practices Inventory (psychiatry)
RAPIRwanda Appeal for Peace Initiative
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In the current sample, scores on the RAPI ranged from 0 to 80 (M= 9.
Ao final do primeiro encontro foi solicitado que o estudante preenchesse o RAPI e foi entregue a ele um instrumento (Daily Drinking Questionnaire) para que anotasse informacoes sobre o seu consumo de alcool durante os proximos 15 dias, devendo anotar a bebida consumida; a quantidade, em doses; em quantas horas consumiu essa quantidade; em que local estava e se estava acompanhado ou nao (Dimeff et al.
2007) and proved to be strongly correlated with the RAPI, the YAAPST, the AUDIT and also with several drinking variables (Devos-Comby & Lange, 2008; Read et al.
It was found that some study participants with high RAPI scores did not become alcohol dependent and that others with low scores did, opening the door for further research.
That predictive association was stronger in females than males, and was confirmed in within-family comparisons of co-twins who differed in their age 18 RAPI scores.
The white students also report significantly greater levels of alcohol problems on the RAPI, than do black students.
Descriptive analysis of the relationship between LSA 13-14, alcohol consumption and RAPI revealed a tendency toward an interaction effect, resulting in an even higher probability of LSA 13-14 in males who drank frequently and had severe alcohol-related problems.
Two versions of the RAPI currently are in use--the original 23-item version and a briefer 18-item version--both of which can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
The RAPI is a 23 item, self-report measure that requires participants to respond to statements based on how many times they have experienced a particular problem in the previous 28 days.
The RAPI is a 25-item self-report measure of negative effects of alcohol use.