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RAPIERRapid Emergency Reconstitution Team
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While K88 was a rapier machine that was simpler in technology and engineering in comparison to the Italian-made machines, many of our customers even today nostalgically remind us that they had started their successful businesses with their first K88 rapier machines from Itema.
Rapier added: "He demonstrates exactly why our consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow.
Dr Rapier is a clinician, entrepreneur and philanthropist who serves as chairman and CEO of WellMed Medical Management Inc.
Additionally, Multivoice has named Rapier, Politis and Fraser as co-founders.
Siklu's price is simply unbeatable, reliability is high, and it has AES encryption,” said Richard Watson, Managing Director of Rapier Systems.
George Rapier is a doctor and CEO of WellMed Medical Management, Inc.
This offered a higher final drive Rostyle wheels and the ability to confidently totter over the 105mph mark, but died off when the Rapier was driven into the history books.
He engaged and twisted: Gallio's rapier flew across the room to land quivering in the head of the bed.
Inlaid work by the Milanese swordsmiths Marciliano and Piccinino is very fine, making the knuckle guards and straight crosses of a first class rapier made for the Elector Christian 11 of Saxony in 1609, areas of workmanship you admire and return to time and again, since they are, in their way, equivalent to the reliquary caskets and state crowns of the period, thus you tend to forget that this beautiful thing is a deadly weapon which, in the hands of a master duellist, could kill or seriously maim an opponent.
High Velocity Missiles will be based at the Lexington Building in Tower Hamlets and the Fred Wigg Tower in Waltham Forest, both in east London, while Rapiers will be set on Blackheath Common and at Oxleas Meadow, Shooters Hill, both in south east London.
SHOW OF FORCE J Locals inspect one of the Rapier batteries in south London