RAPINRestricted Access Personal Identification Number
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She had considerably improved her mind by study; she had not only read all the modern plays, operas, oratorios, poems, and romances--in all which she was a critic; but had gone through Rapin's History of England, Eachard's Roman History, and many French Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire : to these she had added most of the political pamphlets and journals published within the last twenty years.
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RAPIN, Amy-Jacques (2009): "Does terrorism create terror?" Critical Studies on Terrorism, vol.
Whig historians who idealized Saxon democracy, and whom Jefferson read extensively, included Paul de Rapin (History of England), as well as Sir Henry Spelman, Sir John Dalrymple, Francis Sullivan, Roger Acherley, Lord Kames, Sir Edward Coke, Henry Care, Thomas Gordon (particularly his translation of Tacitus's Germania), and Catherine Macaulay.
Tal condicao e caracterizada por comprometimentos sociocomunicativos e pela presenca de comportamentos repetitivos e estereotipados, independente da etiologia ou dos deficits associados (Rapin & Tuchman, 2009).
Alguns estudos tem avaliado se o desenvolvimento da sintaxe e da morfologia em sujeitos com autismo mantem semelhancas com o desenvolvimento sintatico de criancas em desenvolvimento tipico (Rapin & Dunn, 2003; Tager-Flusberg et al., 1990).
The most frequently reported clinical approaches are those of Rapin and Allen (1989) and those of the DSM-III (APA, 1980) and its later editions.
Additionally, unlike the general population, people with autism have difficulty in comprehending messages, and in interpreting facial expressions, body language, emotional expressions directed toward them, and tone of voice (Rapin, 1991).
Destacan en ambos conjuntos tres escudos con barra de refuerzo central alargada presente en las armas de tradicion celta (Rapin, 1999: 46-47; Lejars, 2011: 135-136).