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RAPMRegional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (journal)
RAPMRisk Adjusted Performance Measure (financial modeling)
RAPMRussian Association of Proletarian Musicians (est. 1925)
RAPMReliance on Accounting Performance Measures (accounting)
RAPMRaven Advanced Progressive Matrices
RAPMRegina Anti-Poverty Ministry (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
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We watch the rise in power of RAPM (the Russian Proletarian Musicians' Union) with its increasing complaints about light and traditional music.
There were no significant group differences for RAPM (F (2, 44) = 1.
TABLE 2 Mean Years in Education, RAPM Fluid Intelligence Scores, Consequences Test Scores (Remote and Fluency using both Scoring Methods), ADCL Scores and Self-ratings of Consequence Performance for the Three Experimental Groups Control Cannabis (N = 15) (N = 15) Years in Education Since 16 5.
Condeno los excesos de la RAPM y de la RAPP y disolvio todas las organizaciones proletarias de literatura y musica.
Summary data for the 1808 and 1821 censuses were published in the same issue of the RAPM in which the 1786 census appeared.
The published data in the RAPM indicated a total population of 319,769 and this figure has been ritually repeated by every historical consideration of Minas Gerais.
RAPM in particular failed to foresee that the proletariat would continue to listen to the NEP music that it found the most entertaining.
Before opening the present volume, I hoped that I would be given good cause to set aside my low opinion of RAPM music, based as it was on a small body of pieces I had heard in the 1970s and 1980s: perhaps these were not representative.
Hemida MG, Chu DKW, Poon LLM, Perera RAPM, Alhammadi MA, Ng H-Y, et al.
Hemida MG, Chu DKW, Poon LLM, Per era RAPM, Alhammadi MA, Ng HY, et al.