RAPNRegional Agricultural Policy Network
RAPNRace Athlete Performance Network
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In total, 106 tumours treated by RAPN were evaluated in this study (Table 1).
Six months after RAPN, a median decline of −6.
PADUA score (treated as a continuous variable) was significantly associated with an eGFR decrease of >20% at 6 months after RAPN (OR 2.
1] For these reasons, we decided to use the PADUA classification to evaluate the association between anatomical features and functional outcomes after RAPN.
We found that the PADUA score, particularly for the high-risk group, was independently associated with an eGFR decrease of >20% at 6 months after RAPN (OR 13.
14] In contrast to these results, in another study, in which 62 patients with PADUA scores of <8 and [greater than or equal to]8 were compared, PADUA score independently predicted a WIT of >20 minutes after RAPN (OR 5.
Previous studies have reported that PADUA scores are correlated with console times, EBL, and overall complication rates in patients treated by RAPN.
The present study has some shortcomings related to the non-randomized, retrospective study design, and its relatively small cohort of patients who underwent RAPN by a single surgeon at a single centre.
22] Accordingly, we believe that our results provide information on the correlation between the anatomical features of renal tumours and the functional outcomes of RAPN.