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RAPSRegulatory Affairs Professionals Society
RAPSRajasthan Atomic Power Station (India)
RAPSResearch and Postgraduate Studies (Griffith University; Australia)
RAPSRam-Air Progression System (skydiving training)
RAPSRam Air Performance System
RAPSRemote Area Power System
RAPSRegional Air Pollution Study
RAPSRam Air Parachute System
RAPSRemote Access Power System (energy grid connect system)
RAPSRetired Army Personnel System
RAPSRecovery Access Presentation System (aviation)
RAPSRetiree Annuitant Pay System
RAPSRandom-Access Plate System
RAPSReview of Automated Personnel System
RAPSRadar-Absorbing Primary Structure
RAPSRadar Performance Simulator
RAPSRotating Azimuth Plane Scans
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With this final sentence, Bartle Massey gave a sharper rap than ever with his knobbed stick, and the discomfited lads got up to go with a sulky look.
Here, a 2d tremendous rap interrupted my Father in his speech, and somewhat alarmed my Mother and me.
A third more violent Rap than ever again assaulted our ears.
The stick, with a single sharp rap of it, had effected the change.
She sometimes endeavoured for a few minutes to read; but the book was soon thrown aside, and she returned to the more interesting employment of walking backwards and forwards across the room, pausing for a moment whenever she came to the window, in hopes of distinguishing the long-expected rap.
Despite his sterling rap abilities, the Rap Dacta has been missing in that category for some time now.
If you are using consistency, depth and flow to take attendance at the rap class, the room will end up being almost empty.
Summary: Looking beyond her two Grammy nominations, and collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, she's batting for rap's female resurgence
Speaking about the opportunity for rap in the country, Makki said: "There are two kind of rappers as far as I know.
At the "Raps' Bistro", recipe ideas and taste samples gave visitors an impression of how versatile the products are in use and how to present them most appealingly.
The Raps heard of the WooTube contest through Charter Programming director Michael Marcy, a contact of Mr.