RAPURisk Assessment Policy Unit (United Kingdom)
RAPURapid Admission and Planning Unit (Royal Darwin Hospital; Australia)
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Bum cichi bum, ce vrei de la mine?/Bum cichi bum, fasole cu paine,/Bum cichi bum, mai ia niste varza,/ Bum cichi bum, c-o iei la gaoaza.//Nu mai face pe nebuna,/Nu vezi ca iti pute gura?/Nu iti mai da ci valoare!/Ia-fi rapu de pe picioare!
Drawing on experiences and observations during his parish pastoral ministry, Rapu argues that the pervasiveness of poverty in Nigeria is a result of structural failures that cause the formal economy to continually dwindle while the informal economy rapidly expands, creating atypical jobs.
It all began in 1992 with Chris Obi Rapu's groundbreaking Living in Bondage, created out of mere ingenuity and sheer coincidence.
The ideal base for learning the fascinating, harrowing tales of the creation of the heads, the island's famine, its civil war, and the surprisingly resilient island culture is the hotel Explora Rapa Nui, Posada de Mike Rapu.
Acid mine drainage: The case of the Lafayette mine, Rapu (Philippines) (Greenpeace Research Laboratories Technical Note 09/2006).
Now it's grown again and unless you're in the sparkling new wilderness eco lodge, Posada de Mike Rapu, you'll stay with the locals in the main town of Hanga Roa.
Accounting for roughly 61% of Easter Island's 4,000 residents, the Rapu Nui people are the only Chilean indigenous group that still constitutes a majority of the population in its traditional homeland.
and Rapu N., (2006), Regional disparities and national development revisited: the case of Western Europe, in European Urban and Regional Studies, Vol.