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RARRock Am Ring (German music festival)
RARReading and Research
RARRetinoic Acid Receptor
RARRoyal Australian Regiment
RARResource Adapter Archive (J2EE)
RARRisk-Adjusted Return (investing)
RARRoute Addition Resistance
RARRapid Access Recording
RARRss Archive Retrieval
RARRotate Right Arithmetic
RARReturn Address Register
RARResource Adapter Archive
RARRescue and Recovery
RARRéseaux Ambition Réussite (French: Ambition Success Network)
RARRuns above Replacement (baseball metric)
RARRisk Assessment Report
RARReverse Aerial Rush (gaming)
RARRhodesian African Rifles
RARRegistrul Auto Roman (Romanian Automobile Registry)
RARRoshal Archive (WinRAR compressed file format; file extension)
RARResource Adequacy Requirement (electricity)
RARRecommandé Avec Accusé de Reception (French: With Acknowledgment of Reception)
RARReal Aperture Radar
RARReasonably Assured Resources
RARRear Axle Ratio (vehicle drivetrain)
RARRevenue Agent Report (US IRS)
RARRemedial Action Report
RARRarotonga, Cook Islands - Rarotonga (Airport Code)
RARRapid Action Revision (US Army)
RARRiparian Areas Regulation (Canada)
RARRapidly Adapting Receptors
RARRoad Accident Rescue
RARRegulatory Asset Ratio (finance)
RARResource Allocation Request
RARRemote Access Router (DSL Modem/ router)
RARReturn Address Repository
RARRecorded Accomplishment Rate
RARRefill Authorization Request
RARRelease After Reception (token ring, IEEE 802.5)
RARRunway Acceptance Rate
RARRefund-Anticipated Return
RARReliability Assessment Report
RARRevise As Required
RARRun At Risk
RARReport of Actual Reimbursements
RARRebolar A Rir (Portuguese: lauging out loud)
RARReasonable Assurance Report (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
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Otros estudios, sin embargo, no han encontrado diferencias clinicas significativas al comparar RAR mas azitromicina versus RAR mas placebo (51) RAR mas metronidazol, dosis sub-antimicrobianas de doxiciclina o RAR solo.
The new chairman said: "I have seen only too clearly the devastating effects of disease and disaster upon the farming community, and RAR BI has a crucial role to play in helping individuals and families to cope with the harrowing consequences of these events.
Alternatively, point to the damaged archive, and DataNumen RAR Repair will recover all of the damaged files.
This means, if you have a ZIP file inside a RAR file or vice versa, you can still preview them.
Breakpoints within intron 3 (known as BCR3) produce a short (S) PML/RAR [alpha] isoform (PML exon 3: RAR [alpha] exon 3) whereas breakpoints within intron 6 (BCR 1) of PML results in a longer (L) form (PML exon 6: RAR [alpha] exon 3) (1).
That is, in order to evaluate the additive benefits of these two parent programs to the TEEM model, some classrooms received no supplemental parent programming, some classrooms received the RAR program, and some classrooms received the RAR program plus the Family Nights program.
Hampshire-based baby leaf salad specialist Vitacress has targeted further expansion and sales growth in the Iberian countries following its sale to Portuguese company RAR Group.
In APL about 90% of affected individuals have a reciprocal chromosome 15;17 translocation in which the t(15;17) breakpoint occurs near the retinoid receptor RAR [alpha] gene (Figure 1).
The Tom Robinson Band had been keen supporters of Rock Against Racism from our early days, but when RAR teamed up with the Anti-Nazi League to stage a march and concert it made headline news.
We find that RAR and OAR are not equivalent proxies for asset risks.
Go bang-up-to-date with the Rar, by Eames, pounds 345, with its vibrantly coloured acrylic seat and steel and wood rockers, from TwentyTwentyone.