RARCRepresentation Agreement Resource Centre (now Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry; Canada)
RARCResearch Animal Resources Center (University of Wisconsin)
RARCRochester Amateur Radio Club (Rochester, MN)
RARCRegional Administrative Radio Conference
RARCRiverland Amateur Radio Club (Onalaska, WI)
RARCRevoked Appointment and Returned to Civilian Status (US Navy)
RARCRiverview Association for Retarded Citizens
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We fitted a logistic regression model to evaluate surgeon and institution characteristics factors associated with considering RARC as the gold standard.
RARC with extended bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy was performed using the da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
I'll be talking to the RARC members every day at the track, and I'll have my other hat on keeping the Highclere members posted about their horses as well.
The first report of total intracorporeal RARC and orthotopic urine diversion was reported by 2003.
It must also be pointed out that the RARC offers more than financial recompense.
The first patient in our series had a robotic nephroureterectomy and RALP, and the subsequent 5 had robotic nephroureterctomy and RARC with ileal conduit urinary diversion.
In other words, members are entitled to half of any difference between the (reported) pounds 7 million that Motivator fetched and the original purchase price, once all legitimate expenses - fees for training and for vets, farriers and jockeys' travel expenses (including first-class facilities to the Arc for Messrs Erskine-Crum and Herbert)' the club's deductions for all salaries and administrative costs' losses made by any other horses in training' and many other sundries have been deducted - with the other half being retained by the RARC.
Following institutional review board approval, we retrospectively reviewed the medical records of all patients that underwent RARC with urinary diversion from February 2010 to February 2012 by a single, fellowship-trained urologic oncologic surgeon (KMJ).
We report a very unusual complication of uretero-iliac artery fistula and serious hemorrhage that developed postoperatively following RARC, bilateral extended pelvic lymph node dissection and intracorporeal Studer pouch reconstruction.
If RARC were the Ku Klux Klan or the Mafia, he might have a point: probably have me liquidated - I think that is the expression.
No pictorial review of the 2005 Flat season would be complete without the memorable scenes at Epsom on June 4, when about 180 RARC members took over the winnerOs circle in a unique celebration of MotivatorOs Classic success.
Announcing the decision to head to the US with Motivator, RARC manager Harry Herbert seemed resigned to ending the Classic-winning partnership between Motivator and Murtagh in the belief the 8st 9lb three-year-olds are set to carry is too far below the rider's present minimum.