RARFRiken Accelerator Research Facility (heavy-ion research; Japan)
RARFRegional Area Road Fund (Arizona Department of Transportation)
RARFRio Art Rock Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
RARFRomanian Amateur Radio Federation
RARFReflected Array Radio Frequency
RARFRecurrent Active Rheumatic Fever (inflammatory disease)
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Prime Minister David Cameron said Moscow appeared to by trying to make "some sort of a point" and that the RARF response showed the UK was well-prepared to react to any Russian incursion.
A decline in the SHF and RARF fund balances and/or excessive leveraging of highway revenue bonds and transportation excise tax revenue bonds could put pressure on the rating.
Funds deposited in the SHF and the RARF provide back-up security.
8x maximum annual debt service and by the backup pledge of SHF and RARF revenues.
However, the state's sunset laws provide that if the statutes pertaining to ADOT and its relevant fees and taxes are repealed, the provisions of the statutes would remain in full force and effect until any outstanding debt payable from the state highway user revenue fund (HURF) or RARF have been fully paid.
Pursuant to amendments adopted in 2003, debt service deficiencies can also be funded from any other moneys in the State Highway Fund, except those pledged to highway revenues bonds and moneys in the RARF construction account to the extent GAN proceeds were used to finance projects from the fund.