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RARIRock Art Research Institute (South Africa)
RARIReclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration (Australia)
RARIRegional Agricultural Research Institute (Pakistan)
RARIReporting Activity Routing Identifier
RARIRisk-Adjusted Readmissions Index (health services)
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Supt Rari said that the police officers found the woman unconscious in the middle of the road and rushed her to Extension 2 Clinic in Gaborone, where she was certified dead upon arrival.
While it no longer howls like Ferraris of old and is mar- keted as the family get-about, there's still some red blood in those Italian veins and so Fer- rari claims a zero to 100kmh time of 3.4 seconds, 10 sec- onds flat to 200kmh and a top speed of 335kmh.
But the lena's is embellished with further unattractive details about her poor funerary accoutrements (4.5.71-72): exsequiae fuerunt rari furtiva capilli / vincula et immundo pallida mitra situ (Her funeral featured stolen woolen bands on her scanty hair and a headdress pale with unclean filth).
Research continues to reveal that bridging the gap between schools and universities has the potential to create a myriad of benefits for both parties, including an improved communication system allowing invaluable collaboration (Wasonga, Rari, & Wanzare, 2011).
La mejor prueba esta en el Zibaldone Laurenziano XXIX 8, (3) la Miscelanea Laurenziana XXXIII 321 de autores latinos, (4) y el Zibaldone Banco Rari 50 de la Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (5), que contienen una enorme cantidad de material compilado con infinita paciencia.
Following its debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show, the 488 GTB was recently unveiled by Alfardan Motors, the official Importer of Fer- rari in Oman, in an exclusive launch event at the Shangri-La Hotel, Mus- cat.
This field study was conducted during two consecutive growing seasons (2008-2009 and 2009- 2010) on research area located at Regional Agriculture Research Institute (RARI) Bahawalpur in southern part of the Punjab.
(8) Lo stesso Canzoniere bembiano ben palesa una manifesta continuita tra la stagione letteraria umanistico-rinascimentale e la tradizione della simbologia zoologica del Medio Evo; cosi come per numerosi altri suoi illustri contemporanei (e concittadini (9)), non furono infatti rari i casi in cui il poeta veneziano ricorse al vasto ed eterogeneo reservoir di attributi teologico-simbolici del mondo animale medievale.
Lyrics range from English to Spanish to the purely invented syllables of the opening song "Taki Rari".
(1.) The Rock Art Research Institute (RARI) of the University of the Witwatersrand kindly allowed three images to be used in this article.
Moreover genotype: T-40318 showed maximum performance at locations: ORI-Faisalabad Dera Ismail Khan NARC and ORI-Tandojam but performed poorly at RARI Bahawalpur w.