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RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
RARPRural Area Revitalization Program (various locations)
RARPRobotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (surgical procedure)
RARPResidential Appliance Recycling Program (California)
RARPRight Atrial Refractory Period (cardiology)
RARPRat Atrophin Related Protein (neurobiology)
RARPRestricted-Access Reversed-Phase (chromatography)
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Among the 740 included RARP men, only 16 patients (2.2%) developed AUR after removal of the urinary catheter.
All the RARP procedures were performed by two surgeons without previous LRP experience, but with more than 10 years of practice in open radical prostatectomy.
Continence improved in the RARP subjects, dropping to equal levels as EBRT subjects during the follow-up period (21%).
[sup][12] A lot of modified van Velthoven techniques were reported using clips or barbed self-retaining suture to facilitate VUA during LRP or RARP. [sup][13],[14],[15],[16] In these studies, the suture was performed bidirectionally with two needle drivers in which the loops of both suture threaded by the opposite needles.
Conclusion: Although prostate weight affected the surgical outcomes of RARP, the functional and oncological outcomes were similar among all patients.
Among the study group of 3,317 RARP patients, researchers found a median hospitalization time of only one day.
A follow-up New Zealand article exploring the safety and efficacy of RARP is a prospective database of the first 100 patients to undergo RARP for clinically localised carcinoma of the prostate (Duthie, Pickford & Gilling 2010).
This was the beginning of the Revenue Administration Reform Project (RARP), which has proved to be the largest and the most successful public administration reform project in Bulgaria, involving the largest number of employees (9,000) and concerning the country as a whole.
Mom: "Nur check sang sir rarp at" ("in your desk drawer")
Perhaps the highlight of Rabbi Rarp's rabbinical career was his service as rabbi of Temple Beth El in Rochester, New York, from 1956 to 1972.
Completely interoperable with multivendor environments that meet the 802.11b standard, the server also implements DMA channel support for high-speed simultaneous printing on all three parallel ports, and supports multiple protocols such as TCP/IP, DHCP, BOOTP and RARP, providing flexibility in mixed-LAN environments.--D-Link
TCP, RARP (reverse address resolution protocol), RPC (remote procedure call), and SPX (sequence packet exchange) can be abused."