RARRRzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego (Polish: Rzeszow Regional Development Agency; est. 1993; Rzeszow, Poland)
RARRRange and Range Rate
RARRRegain of Aerial Righting Reflex (alcoholism)
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It is clear from Figure 3 that RARR results in lowest packet loss ratio at all path loss thresholds as compared to RAR and TMQoS.
It is clear that RARR shows better performance at low data rates as compared to the other two.
RARR outperforms both RAR and TMQoS both in terms of average energy consumption and average temperature rise because the biomedical sensor nodes are using low transmission power and are used only as source nodes and not used for forwarding the sensory data towards BC, which is the responsibility of the relay nodes.
Two network models: RAR with Relays (RARR) and RAR without Relays (RAR) have been used in this paper.
Simulation results show that RARR achieve better performances in terms of packet loss ratio, average packet delivery ratio, average energy consumption, and average temperature rise.
- Garrison joined RARR in 2007 and currently serves on the association's board of directors.