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RASRemote Access Service(s)
RASRemote Access Server
RASRoyal Astronomical Society (British)
RASReport Application Server (Crystal Reports)
RASRenin-Angiotensin System
RASRiver Analysis System
RASReliability, Availability & Serviceability
RASReticular Activating System (Neurologic Physiology)
RASRiunione Adriatica di Sicurtà (Adriatic insurances company, Italy)
RASRenal Artery Stenosis
RASRow Address Strobe
RASRadial Arm Saw
RASRePEc (Research Papers in Economics) Author Servive
RASRoyal Asiatic Society
RASRussian Academy of Science
RASRat Sarcoma
RASRegistration, Admission, and Status (ITU-T Recommendation H.323)
RASRemote Access Software
RASReplenishment At Sea
RASRien A Signaler (French: Nothing Noticeable)
RASIEEE Robotics and Automation Society
RASRemedial Action Scheme
RASRoyal African Society
RASRisk Advisory Services (Ernst & Young)
RASRadio Astronomy Service
RASRadiological Associates of Sacramento (California)
RASRemote Access System
RASReusable Asset Specification
RASRAIT Investment Trust (US)
RASRegistered Addiction Specialist
RASSun Raster Format (filename extension)
RASRandom Access Storage
RASRecycled Asphalt Shingles
RASRow Access Strobe (less common)
RASRow Address Select
RASReasonable Articulable Suspicion
RASReturn Address Stack
RASRates And Services (Pacific Gas & Electric Company)
RASRetiree Account Statement (US DoD DFAS)
RASRundfunk-Anstalt Südtirol
RASRedundant Acronym Syndrome
RASRunning and Screaming
RASRestroom Association of Singapore
RASRun and Shoot (game)
RASRunning Around Screaming
RASRight Analog Stick (game controllers)
RASRapid Assessment Survey
RASRear Area Security
RASReturn Air Sensor
RASReflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy (optical probe)
RASRegional Affairs Strategist (US Air Force)
RASReturned Activated Sludge
RASRoutine Analytical Services
RASRemote Access Switch
RASRevenue Accounting System
RASRail Accessory System
RASRhône Alpes Simulation (French flight simulation club; est. 1998)
RASReadiness Assessment System (GCCS)
RASResearch Activity Survey
RASRiver Assault Squadron
RASRobert Alexander Schumann (classical composer)
RASRoll Angle System
RASRow Address Signal (computer memory)
RASRegimental Aviation Squadron
RASRemedial Action Selection (process/report)
RASRiverside Adult School (California)
RASResearch Associates of Syracuse, Inc.
RASRegimental Aid Station
RASReactor Analysis and Safety
RASRequired At Site
RASResource Access System
RASRadar Absorbent Structure
RASReplication At Sending
RASRoll Aspect System
RASRussian Accounting Standard
RASRecovery Activation Signal
RASRefractive Aberrated Simulator
RASRomanian Airport Services
RASRemote Active Spectrometer
RASRadar Altimeter Set
RASResearch, Analysis & Statistics (US IRS)
RASRhône-Alpes Spitfire (French automobile club; Rhône-Alpes, France)
RASRegistration Authority Support
RASRebellion Against School
RASResource Allocation Software
RASReusable Absorbent System
RASRoll Angle Sensor (spacecraft instrument)
RASReclamation of Alkali Soil
RASRemote Alarm Station
RASReceiver Adjacent Signal
RASRemote Antenna Site
RASRemote Airborne Sensor (RFINT sensor carried on board the U-2 aircraft)
RASRecord Association System
RASReference Assembly Sequence
RASRadar Augmentation System
RASReserve Advisor Squadron
RASRecursive Acronym Syndrome
RASRemote Analog Scanner
RASRegione Autonoma di Sardegna (Italy)
RASReserve Airlift Support
RASRepair Approval Sheet (aviation maintenance)
RASRoyal American Shows LLC (Tampa, FL)
RASRequest Automation System
RASRepublicans Abroad Switzerland
RASRestoring Ancient Stabiae (archaeological project; Washington, DC)
RASResearchers for Asylum Seekers (Australia)
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Gender, age, hypertension, prior stroke, diabetes mellitus, smoking, left ventricular eject fraction, left ventricular end-diastolic diameter, hemoglobin, serum creatinine, estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), [sup][9] triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, ACEI/ARB, beta-receptor blocker, and RAS were assumed to be possible predictors for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular death, and composite endpoints.
By univariate analysis, gender, diabetes mellitus, left ventricular eject fraction, hemoglobin, ACEI/ARB, and RAS were significant predictors for all-cause mortality; and diabetes mellitus, left ventricular eject fraction, hemoglobin, ACEI/ARB, and RAS were significant predictors for cardiovascular death [Table 3].
To help maintain the engineering performance of the final HMA pavement, the new AASHTO spec limits the maximum amount of deleterious material allowed in the RAS.
In addition, several state departments of transportation have adopted material specifications over the years providing for the use of RAS in HMA.
The American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials is in the process of adopting a generic materials specification that will provide for the engineering standards needed to guide processing and utilization of both manufacturer and tear-off RAS into HMA.
All Perle RAS and Router products are backed by free hotline support for channel partners, and offer a higher margin for resellers.
Perle also recently announced that the 833 RAS family now comes with dial-out software that supports Windows XP desktops.
Together with the fee negotiation services offered by BCE Emergis, RAS gains an enhanced ability to lower its claims costs, and therefore its loss ratio - the key measure of an underwriter's profitability.
As we pursue deeper involvement in determining how risk is managed at the health plan level, it is increasingly important for us to work with a company that can offer a single source of comprehensive services from medical management to network services, backed by the expertise of people who understand our business," said Bob Shea, President of RAS.
Perle RAS Dial-out Software allows desktop LAN users to share remote access server (RAS) ports as a modem pool for outbound asynchronous communications.
Patton currently offers a complete RAS Product Family that scales from 16 to 120 Ports in the industries highest-density 1U chassis addressing the dial-up and DSL needs for Carrier, ISP and co-location customers deploying IP services.